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vicky left behind a beautiful daughter  
vicky left behind a beautiful daughter shannon marie , shannon was the most wonderful gift vicky could of had, she adored this little girl and doted on every move, smile and time they spent together. 
shannon was born in march 27th, 03 and vicky passed away in aug 03, the few months they had together were a blessing,. but i feel angry at the fact that vicky should be here with her little girl caring for her and loving her, and i feel sad that this was not to be..

we will love shannon with all our hearts and care for her the best we can and just hope vicky is rested in knowing shannon will be in our care and we will love her as much as what is possible ,which is with deep down love and care..
shannons dad richard is caring for shannon the best he can and is determined to let shannon know what a wonderful beautiful person her mum was and still is ,only in heaven with the other angels.

vicky loved to show her miniature pony tango and tango has now been passed on to shannon, hopefully shannon will love and cherish this special gift of love, that her mum so much adored.

shannon will be 3yrs march 2006 and all we can do is show her photos of her mummy and we so hope she grows into a wonderful person like her mum xxxx



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