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We Never Met But...  / Cathy Bowen ^Kennys^ Mom
I lit a candle and said a prayer today for you(((Vicky))) and your Mom (((Jackie))) and Your family.
My Thoughts are with You.
So sorry for your loss....  / Barbara Johnston ((Vanessa's Mommy))  Read >>
So sorry for your loss....  / Barbara Johnston ((Vanessa's Mommy))

I am so very sorry for your loss.Vicky is a beautiful young woman,may she rest in the arms of angels.Thank you for the kind words you left on my daughter Vanessa Lane's site.It means so much to us.I think the pain of losing a child is the most horrific pain that a person can experience. I also think that the pain we feel is a sort of testament of our love for our children.We hurt so much because we love them so much.Our tears are our tribute to our child that has been taken from us.

I believe that when we parents who have lost a child can connect like this that our children in heaven also connect.Now Vanessa and Vicky have connected  and are angel friends as well.I wish your entire family peace and comfort.

Barbara Johnston

Condolences / Sherri   Read >>
Condolences / Sherri

My heart goes out to Vicky's family.  May your memories of her keep you strong.  Such a beautiful young lady.  Thank you for sharing her story with us.  May God bless and keep you in his arms.

Your Web Site  / Barbara Parfitt (Friend of her Mum's)  Read >>
Your Web Site  / Barbara Parfitt (Friend of her Mum's)

Jackie, I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter Vicky. Her smile I can see would light up a room. Your love for Vicky shines through your pages. The music is beautiful. I know Vicky is so proud of her Mum. You have done a brilliant job in letting us (strangers) know your dear daughter. Love to you and your family.

my beautiful daughter  / Jackie Johnson (mum)  Read >>
my beautiful daughter  / Jackie Johnson (mum)
my beautiful daughter vicky,
people say time will heal my pain, somehow i cant see that will ever be, my heart died the day we lost you sweetheart, and i can never recover from your loss , our world has crashed into a million pieces, and life will never be the were and still are a blessing to my life, i often ask myself would i have had it any other way if i had known that in 20 yrs from your birth i would lose you..and after getting very angry with the loss of you, i always come to the same thought of ,no, i wouldnt of done it any other way, you were a pure blessing to my life to everyone who knew you vicky loved you, you made an impact in this world and you brought much joy and many smiles to many people..i dont know how i will get through this very painful life now sweetheart without heart aches , deep pain..
but know i will always love you and you are forever in my heart, a angel on earth is an angel in heaven, and one day my sweet child we will be together again, you are my angel child , pure light and joy ...
v = victory with all you achieved in life
i=   intense purity of soul and mind
c=  captivating beauty inside and out
k=  keen and always willing to help
y=  yourself ,you never changed no matter what.

im so proud i am your mum, but heartbroken as i have to go through your loss...and let you go..
love is eternal my darling , love always and forever
mum xxxxxx
My sweet angel in heaven  / Richard (Fiance)  Read >>
My sweet angel in heaven  / Richard (Fiance)

happy birthday sweetheart, your 22 today and i know youll be up in heaven with all your family having a party.  I just wish i could be there with you to give you a present and a big cuddle.  I love you so very much and its so hard to understand why you were taken from so many people who loved you so very much.  You were such a pleasent person and wouldnt hurt anything all you wanted was a quiet happy life.
Shannon misses you loads, she looks at your pictures and says mummy but it hurts me so much that she'll never be able to remember those five special months you both had together but i promise she will be told about them all the time.
I hope you are the first person i see when i die sweetheart because you are the most important person in my life apart from Shannon and i am going to give you such a huge cuddle when i see you.
Thanks for the message you gave to your mam and dad it was so special to them and all of us, im just glad i know your still around us all.
I love you so much and i always will
all my love as always
x x x x x



i miss you so much  / Donna Johnson (sister)  Read >>
i miss you so much  / Donna Johnson (sister)

hello vicky,

i miss you so much the pain gets worse every day that goes by,i quess the pain will never leave my side i just have to do my best to deal with the fact that you are now in heaven flying with the angels. i hope you are having a great time and happy.

well 22nd birthday tomorrow, all flowers are coming your way vicky. i just wish i could bring you the flowers to your hand and see you smile like you always did.we had lots of good times didn't we i can remember when we used to go shopping together and we was never apart was we.

all i can say is that you were and still are my sister and nothing will ever change that and one day when the time is right we will meet up together and be able to have our laughs together again. untill that time comes we need to try our hardest to enjoy ourselves even if it is very hard to get up every day and live the day without you here.

my love for you lasts forever vicky xxxxxxxx

sisters and best friends for life love you babe

MY SISTER VICKY  / Emma (sister)  Read >>
MY SISTER VICKY  / Emma (sister)

vicky my sister ,

my darling younger sister.

everyday i miss her ,

how so much i miss her.

with her blonde hair, and blue eyes,

she always looked so pretty.

so intelligent, so clever,

so bright and so witty.

together we were for 20 years,

and in that time there was laughs and tears.

but all the time we were together,

we wished it could last forever.

my sister was oh so dear,

when together we would feel no fear.

only the joy and glee of each other,

never would we let each other suffer.

so until the day we are back together,

ill see you in my dreams sweet.

never one to know defeat,

one day we will be together for ever.

all my love

emma xxxxxxx

with love  / Michelle (visitor)  Read >>
with love  / Michelle (visitor)

my thoughts and love are with you all, my nephew is Jamie Bucknell and have just read what you had wrote on his site, thank you Jackie.  So i hope you dont mind me visiting vickys.  She is a beautiful young lady and you have created a beautiful memory of her even though i wonder how you and my sister and all the other parents who have had to walk this path even get out of bed on a morning, I had never heard of heartattacks in people so young, until that unforgettable day i received the phone call. but there is so many.  My love and thoughts go to you all, and even though i dont know you iam proud of your strength to keep going, Vicky and Jamie have wonderful familys, and they will never be forgotten.  All my love michelle (Jamies Auntie) x x x  
ps. Love like Starlight Never Dies

My Deepest Sympathies  / Robila Choudhary   Read >>
My Deepest Sympathies  / Robila Choudhary

So very sorry to hear of your sad loss. I know how you feel as i have lost my sister from SDS. She left behind 2 girls, one of 3yrs and the other of 1yrs. There are no words to express how sadened i am by your loss

My deepest sympathies  / Michelle Smith (Visitor)  Read >>
My deepest sympathies  / Michelle Smith (Visitor)
I didnt know Vicky, but my heart goes out to her family & friends. I lost my brother this past October from a car crash and my best friend died suddenly of Eclampsia in July 2000. Sudden deaths are so very hard. Angel had no problems throughout her pregnancy. Doctors were able to save her little boy whom she never got to see or hold. Vickys daughter is so very lucky to have so many to remind her of how wonderful she was. Blessings to all of you. Close
thinking of you  / Debbie Bucknell (visitor)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Debbie Bucknell (visitor)
My heart goes out to you, as i too lost my son Jamie the same way, he collapsed and died at school when he was 14, i truly know the pain you are going through, we will be forever asking our selves WHY, how can such young people be here one minute and gone the next. We will never ever get over loosing our beautiful children, but maybe one day we will learn to cope with the pain.
lots of love to all the family. Close
Just a Thought  / Pat Fitzgerald (none)  Read >>
Just a Thought  / Pat Fitzgerald (none)
A young Lady that I never knew, nor ever expected to know has affected my life so much... To her family I say, be proud of her always, her memories are precious to you... Such a fantastic site well done Close
A CHILD LOANED / Jackie (mum)  Read >>
A CHILD LOANED / Jackie (mum)
a poem which gives me comfort.


i'll lend you for a little time
a child of mine."he said.
"for you to love the while she lives,
and mourn for when she dies.
it may be six or seven years
or twenty two or three,
but will you, till i call her back,
take care of her for me?
she'll bring you her charms to gladden you,
and should her stay be brief,
you'll have her lovely memories
as solace for your grief.
I'm so very sorry  / Jean Harbuck   Read >>
I'm so very sorry  / Jean Harbuck
Jackie & Family, I'm so very sorry for your Loss. The loss of a child is not easy. I too lost my daughter..she was born a sleeping angel. I never dreamed this would happen to me. I wish there were words i could say to make it better, but there just aren't any.
I've looked at the pics on this site and your daughter was very beautiful. Again, my deepest sympathies. Take care & God bless you and yours.
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